About Us

If you want to support a Niagara business for your fun prints, or custom designs, the Calhoun factory store on Bunting Road is the place!  The Calhoun Sportswear factory was started by a local kid from Sir Winston Churchill High School in St. Catharines-that was in 1973!  Our store is a composite of items we make and import for all of our wholesale customers, and the variety changes all of the time, so every time you end up on Bunting Road, please stop in-our store manager, Jodi, would love to meet you. We pride ourselves on being local, and giving lots of customer service.

We are interested in the styles and prints you would like to find in our store so let us know.  Many of our prints are licensed, and we are the only store in town that might have them.  Our licenses change all of the time too-right now we print for General Motors, NHL, CFL, Budweiser, Corona, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, and Rick and Morty.  Besides active sportswear styles, we also stock glassware, including beer boots and shot glasses, hats, flags and other gift items. Check out our year round clearance room for prices you wouldn't believe!  It's like a dollar store for clothing!

Calhoun has been screen printing in Niagara for over 40 years, so what better spot to have your custom order printed than Calhouns?  Our Niagara regional rep. is Jordan, and he can answer all of your questions at ext. 216.  Calhouns can print T-shirts in 7 days, and that's fast!

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